From Bronze to Chocolate, about the artist

Anat Ratzabi is an internationally renowed and established contemporary artist. She lives and works in The Hague, The Netherlands and has participated in many exhibitions at various museums and galleries in the Netherlands and other venues in Europe such as Belgium, Italy, England and Scotland. Anat has been awarded significant private and public commissions, as well as projects for the municipality of The Hague, and Internationally  exhibited in places like New York, Miami, Buenos Aires, Venice & Pune/India, To name just a few.

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Creating the chocolate sculpture

Cacao was discovered by the Mayas and Aztecs and was considered as food of the gods. This luscious, enchanting liquid seduces the senses and heightens the feeling of happiness. Integrating the passion for chocolate with the aspiration for art, meant to surprise. Choosing this aphrodisiac as a material for casting my sculptures aims at provoking and challenging all senses.

Love and appreciation for art is given an intriguing new dimension. All blend into an elegant sensation of scent, taste and intellect.

Indulge yourself to savour the sophisticated taste of the mysteries within.

Making the chocolate sculpture

Creating the sculpture starts like any other sculpting process. Anat use mostly wax when sculpting the original.

After the sculpture is ready –  a mold is being made. Then casting the sculpture in warm chocolate takes place.

When the chocolate is cooled off, the cast is being release out of the mold.

Each chocolate sculpture is a handmade cast of a selected fine chocolate, and carefully adorned with edible bronze patina.

Your own portrait in chocolate

When it comes to business gifts, weddings or any special event, a personal touch can create a lasting impression.

A portrait /sculpture or any other tailor made personalized gift  in chocolate will make an unforgettable, dazzling experience !

As a sculptor, Anat Ratzabi owns a great sense of capturing the essence of ones personality. Her work succeeds to exude affirmation as well as a fluid sense of motion and wonderful expression.

Inquiries & information – We do our best to provide you with an excellent Chocolate artwork that will enrich and honor your experience.

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