Creating the chocolate sculpture

FotoCacao was discovered by the Mayas and Aztecs and was considered as food of the gods.
This luscious, enchanting liquid seduces the senses and heightens the feeling of happiness.
Integrating the passion for chocolate with the aspiration for art, meant to surprise.
Choosing this aphrodisiac as a material for casting my sculptures aims at provoking and challenging all senses.

Love and appreciation for art is given an intriguing new dimension.
All blend into an elegant sensation of scent, taste and intellect.

Indulge yourself to savour the sophisticated taste of the mysteries within.

From Bronze to Chocolate

FotoAnat Ratzabi, is a sculptor living and working in The Hague, Holland.

After realizing ‘’The Rembrandt Project’’ in bronze, that was displaed in varies galeries & museums.
A small scale series has been made as well. One particular, the “Self portrait, open -mouthed" was a surprising unique transformation of materials.

From bronze to chocolate. After the 3D sculpture followed the series of relief's of the dutch masters, and then the whole collection of The Chocolate Sculpture.
Each sculpture is a handmade cast of a selected fine chocolate adorned with edible bronze patina.

Reawaken your sense of taste under the mantle of art.